Privacy Policies

This 4n6 application will never transmit personal data.

The tool will give you the ability to view and download your data in a format that is usable by the law enforcement officier that directed you on this site.

Once you have downloaded and review the data, you remain free to do whatever you want with your data : transmit it or not to the law enforcement officer you are in contact with, in full or partial. It's your choice

How does 4n6 access, use, store, or share Google user data?

When you log in by clicking on "Connect with Google", you are automatically redirected to Google OAuth API, using a SSL (Secured Socket Layer) connection. Then, we need to ask for specific access authorizations in order to connect to your Gmail/Drive/Task/Contact/Calendar account to prepare the download set.

Once we are granted these authorizations, we do not store the authorization token on our server. Once you log out, we are not able to reconnect to your account.